The F Word

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”  ― Ruth Reichl

Paizano’s in Norcross, GA ft. My Friend’s Hands.

Ah food, the good “F” word. I’m sure the title will make some curious, but it’s alright. This is a PG-13 blog.

What a wonderful thing food is. It’s celebrated with festivals, cherished at family gatherings, and even has its own holiday (yes, I do mean Thanksgiving). Personally, I’ve always had a love of food. It’s come hand in hand with a lot of my travels. “Where are the locals eating” is usually a pin on my pinterest board whenever we’re planning a trip. Each city has its own culture and its own spin on food. Take pizza for example. Chicago is going to tell you deep dish is where it’s at, but New Yorkers will fight you on the matter. Some say pineapple belongs on it when pineapple has no right.

So, why are there picky eaters when there are so many different ways to enjoy, not just pizza, but food in general? I’m not talking about the people with medical, religious, or solid factual reasons. I’m talking about the “I’ve never tried it, but I’m not going to like it” people. Like. My. Husband.

Montaluce Winery outside of Dahlonega, GA

A few years ago, he was perfectly content with a ham sandwich slathered in mayo. Nothing else. He even had the nerve to look at me like I was the weirdo for tossing a slice of provolone on it. He just wasn’t into cheese unless it was melted. Slowly, I started introducing him to different types until one day he added it to the grocery list on his own.

Atlanta’s New Realm Brewing has the best mac and cheese. End. Of. Story.

New Years Eve of 2016 was the crowning moment though. Alex had decided that his resolution was to always try new foods and if he didn’t like them, so be it. I was ecstatic, because I was always down to try something new. Poor guy probably should have waited until New Years Day to tell me though. When our waitress at Rezaz, a Mediterranean restaurant in Asheville, came back to our table, she had our palette cleanser: caviar.

I had never had it either, but boy did I enjoy watching him question his new resolve. For anyone curious, he didn’t like it. Even after that harrowing experience, he stuck with trying new things. We both have a “life’s too short NOT to enjoy food” attitude. I know it bugs people, especially since I’ve always struggled with my weight, but y’know what? It’s none of their concern. If I want to order myself a small slice of cake because I’m somewhere new (and calories don’t count on vacation), I’m going to do it.

Pure Taqueria in Duluth, GA

Food is part of culture. If you go overseas, or even to another state, how can you truly immerse yourself if you order chicken tenders or the kale salad off the menu? Try something completely different and who knows? You may find yourself elbow deep in pinterest recipes on how to make that one dish.

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