Whew, I’m Exhausted

“In the midst of these hard times it is our good health and good sleep that are enjoyable.”

-Knute Nelson

I’m not dead! In the beginning of March, I had a two week fight with pneumonia that I’m still recovering from. Between that, work, and the final details of a family trip taken last weekend I’ve been so tired that writing wasn’t even a consideration. Thankfully, things are starting to calm down and I can get back into the swing of things here.

As I mentioned, we took a family trip. It was a complete surprise to my husband’s grandmother and tested my trip planning skills. Between finding a house for thirteen (or fourteen..I lost count), making sure everyone’s schedule lined up, and keeping the whole thing a secret it was quite the experience. We ended up getting a beautiful cabin on Airbnb in Cashier’s, North Carolina that sat next to a creek and provided exactly the amount of relaxation I think we all needed. The weather was warm enough for everyone to get outside and enjoy the sun and water. Everyone…except me. Thanks allergies.

Barefoot Retreat

April tends to be one of our busiest months outside of the holiday season. The second the weather starts getting warm, our social and travel calendar explodes. Tomorrow, I’ll be going to ASW Distillery’s grand opening of their new Exchange and Barrelhouse. I went to their original location’s first anniversary a couple of years ago and had a blast, so super excited about that. If you’re in the Atlanta area, I know their early bird tickets are sold out, but they have some available at the door, I’d highly recommend going!

ASW Distillery

If whiskey really isn’t your thing, the Atlanta Spring Wine Festival is also tomorrow. I went last year, it was an incredible time with lots of beer and wine vendors. Plus they have mimosa booths spread throughout. If you go and happen upon Monk’s Mead, heed my warning, it is strong stuff! However, it is absolutely delicious and you should definitely try some. The Atlanta Spring Wine Festival is held at the Historic 4th Ward Park, please do not drive. Get a Lyft or an Uber. You’ll be safer and parking was virtually non existent. Thankfully, there’s also plenty of restaurants in the area, including The Deep End. I highly recommend their carne asada tacos paired with a their No Way Frose.

Atlanta Spring Wine Festival

As for the rest of April, Easter is around the corner, but considering I’m flying out later that week for Colorado, I doubt we’ll do anything huge. Speaking of Colorado, I am SO excited to be going back. I went in 2017 for the first time and I fell in love with the state. Granted, I was only in Colorado Springs, but there’s so much to do and see! I’ll have a full post about it after I get back. If you’re curious to see what I’m up to while I’m out there, keep an eye on my Instagram and Instagram story! I’ll be posting along the way.

Thank you guys so much for not giving up on me while I was recovering! I love sharing our travels and experiences with you all and want to continue! Hopefully, I’ll be back to posting at least once every week or two. As usual, travel well and travel often!

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