Life of Dyes

We’re Moving!

On Saturday. A week after we signed the lease on the house. Yes, we got a house. No, we weren’t originally planning to move so quickly. Yes, we are insane. A week to pack and move. I grew up in a military family. This shouldn’t be too hard (I say while panicking).

So, last week we had the arrival of my best friend from high school and the signal that our lives were about to change. After about a year of discussing it, we decided with our friend, his fiancee, and his brother that we’d rent a house together. With the rising cost of living here in ATL, Alex and I are looking forward to splitting the bills with some others.

We ended up finding the perfect place to call home last week and JUMPED ON IT. There was no way we were letting it slip away from us. I mean LOOK at this place.

We’re so excited to be out of a tiny apartment and to be in a beautiful home. It’s going to be an adjustment living with other people, but considering I haven’t murdered Robbie yet I think we’ll be okay. We can’t wait to share this new adventure with y’all as we get settled into our new home.

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