It’s All So Magical Pt. 1

“A human trap…set by a mouse”

– Anonymous

So if you don’t follow Travelin Foodies on Instagram or Facebook (which you should really), then buckle up cause we went to Disney World. We took off last week and escaped from real life for five incredible days to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. It was just what the doctor ordered.

First of all, I want to give a huge shout out to the PetSuites team in Johns Creek, GA for taking incredible care of our cats while we were away. It was our first time boarding them and we felt so much better with the daily photos that were sent. If y’all ever need to board your pets in GA, please go there. Seriously.

Now into the fun stuff!

DAY 1: Overeating

We left a day early, just because we could. We had booked our condo a few months ago and were staying at The Point Hotel and Suites. It wasn’t our typical stay as we usually go for an Airbnb, but I had Expedia points to use. The hotel was decent, if not a bit dated in the rooms. There was an absolute disaster in the first room we had been assigned, but the staff was incredible and had us quickly moved to another one. I’d say The Point was a 3 out of 5 stars for us. The staff was great, the location was fantastic, but the rooms could use some work. It was a good budget option.

Sunday we mostly hung out, lounging about it our first relaxing day in months. Neither of us slept in, because we’re so used to our alarms going off before dawn. With reservations at Fogo de Chao for lunch, we decided not to eat much. If you aren’t familiar with Fogo, it’s a Brazilian steakhouse where you pay one price and basically eat as much meat as you possibly can.

I’m not gonna lie, I have no pictures from Sunday’s lunch. We dug right in and waddled back to our car afterwards. Alex had never done something like that and as a steak and potatoes kind of guy, he was in heaven. So much so that he was uncomfortably full by the time we left. The man had a hard time saying no as the meat came around.

Full and exhausted, we passed out to prepare for our first Disney day.

DAY 2: Hollywood Studios

We got there right as the park opened. Instead of using the shuttle (which wouldn’t have dropped us off until like 12:30 anyway), we drove in and parked. Pricey? Absolutely? Worth it? Definitely.

We headed immediately to the back of the park and jumped into the line for Star Tours. It was my first ride at Disney World and I loved it. We had incredible luck with lines all week for the most part, but I think my favorite bits were when we’d turn a corner and there was just no one there. It was like having bits and pieces of the park entirely to ourselves. Which for me, was a dream. I’ve avoided Disney this long because I HATE crowds. I typically end up in a panic when faced with rude people and their grubby handed children. Looking at you beard dude at the Milk Stand when you had a small fit that all ordering had to be done on mobile. And you mom at Animal Kingdom who let their child shove me while in line for the Safari and didn’t even apologize. It wasn’t funny Karen.

Needless to say, I enjoyed getting there early and leaving early. To be fair though, we were rained out of Hollywood Studios thanks to going during hurricane season.

I wasn’t planning on rating the parks, but I think I will.

Hollywood Studios: 5/10.

It wasn’t my favorite and the most it had going for it was Galaxy’s Edge (WHICH WAS COOL AF). Outside of that, I just didn’t see what what so special about it. Star Tours, Smuggler’s Run, and the Muppet Vision show were all great. We also saw the Cars Racing Academy thing but…we’re going to pretend it was a fever dream because I’m still not sure how to process it.

So that’s part one! I decided to give each park a post of its own instead of kill you all with one long scroll fest. Oh and hey, I’m on TikTok now! Look for me @travelingfoodies and explore with me in videos! As usual for 2020, stay safe and stay healthy!

2 thoughts on “It’s All So Magical Pt. 1

  1. To be fair. The main attraction of Hollywood Studios is the shows, and like 95% of them weren’t running due to COVID. I’m sure it would have gotten a better rating if it had actually had it’s attractions open.

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