Life of Dyes

New Beginnings

We moved! Again! This time will be a bit more permanent. While we appreciate having the chance to save up over the last year, we are not roommate people and we’re glad to have our own space again.

We stayed in GA and in our “hometown” of Duluth in basically our dream apartment. Open floor plan, beautiful kitchen, soaking garden tub, it’s absolutely perfect for us. And the cats love it too! Now that we’re starting to get more settled in our new home, I should have time to post more and just be more active as a whole. I do owe y’all two more Disney posts and hopefully I’ll have them up this weekend! Once we get everything organized, I’ll give you all a full look into our luxury apartment! For now, this is just a quick update and thank you to all the people who have followed me recently, either here on the website or on any of the social media pages!

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates! We’re in a new year, and hopefully a better year so here’s to happy and safe travels!

– Court

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