It’s All So Magical Pt. 2

“Adults are only kids grown up anyway”

-Walt Disney

Here it is! The second part of our Disney trip memories. I know, I know. I’m about two months late, but hey, we’ve been busy! I work in hospitality so the last couple of months have been VERY busy for me. Anyway!

DAY 3: Animal Kingdom

As with Hollywood Studios, we booked it towards the back of the park. Specifically to the Pandora section. We went immediately into the the Avatar Flight of Passage line and it was a good thing too cause when we got out, it was over an hour long. I won’t go into too much detail, because I really don’t want to spoil this awesome ride, but it was our favorite Animal Kingdom ride!

After that, we hopped on the Navi River Cruise which was really interesting and air conditioned! Which, given the heat that day, we appreciated it. Animal Kingdom, in my opinion, was the most beautiful park. Everywhere you turned, there was something to look at and appreciate. We loved seeing all the animals, even the birds that hung out while we ate our lunch. We had decided to pack our lunch that day. It saved us a good bit of money, but if y’all thought I was going to miss out on an Rum Dole Whip, y’all crazy. No one told me it was an option until I checked out a menu. It was delicious!

Our longest line that day was for the Safari ride and that wasn’t due to people. A few animals moved into the road and refused to move. We both really enjoyed the hell out of it when we finally loaded up! I’m an animal lover through and through so being on this ride and being so close to these animals was amazing for me!

We were seated at the back, which wasn’t awful…until it started POURING down rain. You can see it in the photo with the elephants, the rain was coming down so hard we had to yell a bit to hear each other.

Animal Kingdom is an 8/10 for me. It was hot and muggy thanks to the storm and we didn’t do much ride wise other than the three I mentioned. Mostly because we were just exhausted by 2 pm. The sights and sounds make it so much better than Hollywood Studios for me. If you’ve been, what were your favorite parts of Animal Kingdom? Let me know in the comments! Here’s to safe and happy travels in 2021!

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