It’s All So Magical Pt. 3

“The Place Where Dreams Come True”

Here it is! The final post about our trip and probably my favorite day at the parks.

Day 4: Magic Kingdom

So as I’ve said before, I had never been to Disney World. I know what Magic Kingdom looked like as I have friends who go like once a year. What I wasn’t expecting was to be overcome with emotion at the entrance. Like most kids, I grew up with Disney films and shows. It made up a huge chunk of my childhood. Being at Magic Kingdom was indeed magical. I couldn’t contain my excitement at all. Poor Alex had with a very bouncy and excitable me all day.

Can you blame me though? I mean, I was AT Magic Kingdom. And to make it even more special, it was already decorated for the holidays!

We headed towards the back and jumped on the Haunted Mansion. It had always been my favorite at Disneyland and it did not disappoint at Disney World. We didn’t wait in line at all, we practically walked right on. If you think for one second that I didn’t sing “Grim Grinning Ghosts” at the top of my lungs, you don’t know my dumb ass at all.

Heading out from there, we made it over to the Jungle Safari Cruise. It was something was definitely dated, but sooo amusing. You always here about the joking boat drivers, but experiencing them in person was awesome. This was probably our longest line of the day at around 45 minutes.

Immediately after, we skipped (well…I skipped) over to Pirates of the Caribbean where I panicked about it randomly dropping somewhere along the ride. I LOVE rollercoasters. I do. What I don’t love is unexpected drops. Alex, y’know the pansy that wouldn’t ride Tower of Terror, made fun of me. I was really thankful for the AC in line because it was another hot and muggy day. Which is to be expected in Florida, but come on. It was November.

Stopping for a quick bite afterwards, we stopped by the Hall of Presidents. Neither of us knew what to expect. It was…interesting. I’ll leave it at that. Outside of that was a bit of a surprise when we ran across my beloved Muppets. I LOVE the Muppets, okay. I have since I was kid. The jokes, the songs, the characters, the jokes that aren’t always kid appropriate, ALL OF IT. Muppet Treasure Island is the best Muppet film of all time, fight me.

After that we headed to the iconic It’s A Small World ride. I took the opportunity to tell Alex what the creepy dolls were actually thinking. No, none of it was safe for a young audience to hear. I would hate to be stuck on that ride. Hearing that damn song over and over again while wondering if the dolls are suddenly going to come to life and murder us. No, I’m not kidding. They’re CREEPY.

We got to stop on our way to Tomorrowland to see one of the Disney Cavalcades. I got a wink from Mary Poppins, it made my morning.

Okay, so you know how I said the Jungle Safari was longest line? I lied (forgot). The line for the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin was the longest. It felt like a never ending line, but that also could have been because we reached a point where we were tired and sweaty. The ride was…amusing. They have a few similar ones over at Universal and we giggled the entire time. Afterwards, we stopped for the last bit of our packed lunch and some really good slushies before jumping on Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

I…I’m still not sure what kind of acid trip that was, but ending in basically the late 80s before exiting was weird. Also, if I ever hear that song they sing every time you rotate it will be too soon.

After that, we decided it was a good time to head back to the room and nap for a bit before heading back for the light show and just explore the rest of the park in the evening. I know I said this was the final part, but there’s still so much more I want to share, but I also don’t want to done on forever so give me a follow to keep an eye out for the next part!

Safe and happy travels!

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