Summer Sun

Hey y’all! It has been a SUPER busy summer with some ups, downs, and everything in between. Good news, I did end up finding a work from home job in my preferred industry! I’ll be able to travel and work which is ideal for the lifestyle Alex and I have. The down right now is I have a swollen knee that I can’t walk on. We spent last weekend in Chattanooga and finally went to Ruby Falls. It seems that I aggravated my already bad knee with walking on cave floors.

On to the fun. So all of June I pretty much spent at my mom’s new home in Fernandina Beach, Florida. I really needed time to recover from leaving a stressful job and spending a month at the beach seemed like the best idea.

Fernandina Beach is located on Amelia Island and is a beautiful little town. It’s got a really neat historic downtown area with tons of restaurants and shops. We brunched at one of the many spots to choose from my second week there.

The Patio is this really pretty scene that’s tucked away off one of the side streets downtown with a gorgeous patio area. You will need a reservation to get in or else you have a long wait ahead of you. The food is absolutely worth it though.

If you haven’t seen my last post, I did a review on my favorite spot (so far) in Jacksonville called Sandollar. The food there is fantastic, the views are incredible, and the staff is hilarious, but as there’s already a full post to them I’m going to direct your attention to Palermo Puerto Rican Kitchen. Y’all, this food is sublime. I’m pretty sure I died and went to heaven.

I know some don’t care for the beaches in this area, but I loved them. Other than a day or two after storms, the water was calm and clear. Just how I like it. I know some people really enjoy diving in the waves, but after being swept under when I was a teenager I avoid them like I avoid calling to make an appointment for the doctor.

One of the main beaches is a drive on and in front of the access is a pretty awesome bar and grill called Sliders. While it’s not Sandollar, it does have some great drinks and the food is decent and reasonably priced. Back to the beach, I learned while there that I really LOVE being able to drive onto the sand. It makes unloading our beach gear so much easier.

Another really amazing drive on beach off Amelia Island but totally worth the drive is Huguenot Memorial Park. If you go pretty early in the morning, you’re guaranteed to be one of the only people on the beach before the afternoon crowds take over. It has a protected dune area that houses thousands of nesting sea birds which makes for great photos. Once nesting season is over, the last stretch of beach is open to those who want to drive passed the busy section.

Little Talbot Island State Park is another incredible beach (featured above) that, while isn’t drive on, is super quiet no matter what time of day you go. If you time your visit when tide is out, check out the numerous sandbars just off shore. I walked one that was about a half a mile long! It’s also a really good spot for shelling and fishing. Most of the beaches in the area have different stretches that have shells scattered everywhere. It’s perfect for collectors. Little Talbot and Huguenot Memorial have, in my opinion, the softest sand in the area. I personally hate sand and typically avoid beaches but you tell me the water’s clear and the sand is soft? I’m there.

I head back out with my sister and her girlfriend next week, so who knows what we’ll get into! If you want to see more of my adventures as they happen follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. As usual, travel safe and travel often.

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