Life of Dyes

She’s Updating Us Again?

Hi everyone! For those who are new, this is the Life of Dyes segment where we just kind of update what’s going, what travels are planned, and just some fun tidbits. If you are new, welcome! I can’t thank you enough for deciding to follow this blog as it’s my passion project and something I had planned for a while before starting it. My name is Courtney, my husband is Alex and this just covers our travels, food experiences, and general life. As always, feel free to skip this part and wait for some of the good traveling food stuff.

If you’re sticking around we’ve got some exciting news! I landed my dream job with a luxury travel company, which means more remote working and the ability to afford new travels. I will have some fun insights about working within the travel industry as well as maybe a few links to deals worldwide. It’s been a long time goal to land a job like this so having the opportunity to do it is beyond exciting. It’ll mean a larger work load, but considering I’ll still be working from home I do not mind at all.

With the holidays coming up, it gets a bit busier around here as we spend a lot of time with family during the holidays and take short breaks from social media. We don’t have anything as fun as Disney planned for our anniversary this year, but we’ll do something. We always do. Keep in mind, we are also active on Instagram and TikTok if you’d like to see more of our adventures instead of just reading about them.

Over the last two weeks, we were on a two part vacation, but that will get its own post because holy shit it was a lot. Two part vacations require a good bit of planning and, in our situation, required a lot of driving. It was fun all in all and we enjoyed it, but I think Alex was just happy to go back to work after two weeks off. We think we just spent too much time together.

I hope you all continue enjoying our adventures for a long time to come as they’re just going to get more interesting from here! If you haven’t heard, I am heavily involved with a nonprofit arts and recreation center based out of Houston. We are hosting our first annual Gala in December. It’ll support a fantastic cause and include dinner, drinks, and dancing. If you’re interested, click the link here. I will be there and hope some of you decide to join in the fun. As usual, travel safe and travel often.

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