I’ll Take One of Everything, Please

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” 
― Orson Welles

OH man, y’all. We just got back from St. Augustine and I’m pretty sure I’m feeling the vacation weight. Just kidding, we sweated it off in the Florida heat and humidity. That’s how we got away with all the food intake. And y’all, we ate. There was absolutely no holding back from all the delicious finds in St. Augustine. So here I am, bragging about it.

We managed to arrive in St. Augustine early enough on Wednesday to grab dinner and thankfully, we weren’t too tired either. First food stop for us was O.C. White’s Seafood & Spirits. Alex got the fried shrimp, I got salmon. We both really enjoyed the Blackberry Lemonade. No, it wasn’t a kid friendly lemonade. Yes, it made our game of mini golf later extremely amusing.

I’m pretty positive Alex had food envy a couple of times during the week. He asked for a bite of my salmon twice. Anyway, O.C. White’s building dates all the way back to 1790. Granted, that isn’t the oldest structure in St. Augustine, but it is pretty old. The inside was so pretty though. However, I wish it had been cool enough to sit out on the patio. If you end up inside, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to sit by the window upstairs. It had a pretty neat view of the water and the pirate ship. Yes, a pirate ship. We’ll get to that in another blog post.

Next stop on the food train! Maple Street Biscuits. “But Courtney, you have one of those at home!” SO?? We had it delivered and enjoyed breakfast as a family. Move along.

So after exploring the fort, we ended up at The Bull and Crown Publick House. It’s a cute little hole in the wall type English pub that had incredible food. Alex ordered the fish and chips, which we could have shared. I basically got a fancy grilled cheese with ribeye and gooey cheese. It was heavenly.

That evening we stopped at what I think is the coolest food stop in St. Augustine: Prohibition Kitchen. It’s modeled after a speakeasy, complete with the jazz band. The menus were on newspapers, which was a cool touch. If we lived in St. Augustine, I’m pretty positive it would become our weekly date spot. We had a absolutely giant pretzel with beer cheese, burgers (his was pimento with bacon, mine was a blend of brisket, sirloin, and prime rib with bacon jam), and I had a really great cocktail called a Summer’s Breeze. 10/10 recommend.

And of course, we didn’t stop there. Well I didn’t. I got some macarons and gelato.

No, I didn’t share the gelato. We also had popsicles from this adorable place called Hyppo. I had the champagne mango and Alex had the chocolate sea salt.

So last stop on the food train and my second favorite: Columbia, the gem of Spanish restaurants. They really live up to that name. It was like leaving the US and stepping into Spain. The restaurant was beautiful inside and out. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was magnificent and Alex ended up with major food envy. If you are in St. Augustine, do NOT miss out on this family owned restaurant. The sangria was perfect, the cuban (Alex’s plate) was really good, but the shrimp and yellow rice was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Every single bite was flavorful and mouthwatering.

So there you have, all our food stops in St. Augustine! Keep an eye out later this week for what we did in between eating and how traveling with our cats ended up going for us. If you have a favorite food stop in St. Augustine, let me know in the comments. As always, travel well and travel often!

3 thoughts on “I’ll Take One of Everything, Please

  1. Oh, Courtney, your words and pictures are mouth watering. Wish I’d known about all these great places when I was there two years ago. I want a return visit. Now you need to visit Morganton again and lets sample the neat new eateries here. Our downtown is getting better and better.

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