Sun’s Shining, Let’s Head Out

“Friends are relatives you make for yourself.”

– Eustache Deschamps

Girl’s days are the best, aren’t they? Being constantly on the go, I don’t get out with my girl friends as much as I’d like to. Thankfully, we were able to make it happen yesterday. Sometimes, a break in life with good female company, drinks, and delicious food is all that’s needed to recover from the stress.

After moving, being sick, working nonstop, and just all the bleh in the weather (shout out to the random snow on Saturday), us ladies were able to get out on Sunday’s rather sunny day and enjoy Urban Tree Cidery’s cider and doughnut pairing event with doughnuts provided by Doughnut Dollies. I had gone last year for the first event and it was such a great time. We planned a little differently this year to get there at open and there was still a line out the door.

Four ciders, four doughnuts, no food before the event. Don’t judge but I had a nice buzz going by the time we left. So if you’ve never had cider, let me give you a break down on why you should: it’s fermented apple juice (hello apple juice lovers, we got the booze version now), it is a great option for those who don’t like beer (like the majority of my household), it’s gluten-free for those who aren’t able to process gluten, and honestly it’s just a really refreshing drink.

With doughnuts…there’s honestly nothing healthy about them but I don’t care. I’m not at these kind of events to watch my calorie intake. Doughnut Dollies has hit the ATL doughnut market with delicious fluffy doughnuts that have amazing toppings and flavors. The pairings were perfection and I’m really glad they decided to do it again this year.

Now, one of the ladies on our day out was one of my new roommates. This was one of the few times she’s gotten to explore Atlanta and, of course, we had to show her Ponce City Market. Most importantly, Citizen Supply. Full of knickknacks, Instagrammable spots, and even a bar, Citizen’s Supply is a cute stop in what can be an overwhelming place. Just keep in mind, it’s not exactly cheap knickknacks. They come at a higher price point, but that’s not uncommon in the area. I typically go to window shop the plant shop.

Yes, there’s a plant shop in there complete with a small green house.

Of course, no girl’s day is complete without a delicious meal, but that’s a complete post on its own. New Realm deserves its own dedication for delivering the city’s best mac n’ cheese, okay?

No matter the city, we all have our favorite meeting spots with friends. What are yours? Let me know in the comments! As usual, travel well and travel often!

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