Read This When You’re NOT Hungry

“You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not cheese.”

– Anonymous

I don’t see a point to live without cheese. Even as someone who cannot physically handle dairy, you’ll have to pry cheese from my cold dead hands and even then I’ll come back to haunt your cheese stealing ass. Seriously though, it makes things just better. Having a bad day? Have something smothered in queso (like I did two nights ago). Having a good day? Enjoy some of the best Mac N’ Cheese in ATL at New Realm Brewing. You can tell me all in the comments about how you have a better mac spot and I’m sorry, you’re just entitled to your wrong opinion. New Realm has the market on creamiest and most flavorful Mac N’ Cheese. I mean LOOK AT THE PHOTO ABOVE. That cheese pull is was sent by whatever god you believe in. Topped with an amber beer glaze, it’s got savory written all over it.

I have only been to New Realm a handful of times. Mostly because I really only get out there once a year, but the cheese remains as good and wholesome as ever. Whoever created this masterpiece deserves a medal. I was lucky enough to get out on Sunday during our girl’s day (the guys were jealous as hell). We didn’t just stop at the Mac though. No, we also shared some amazing fries smothered in pork, sriracha, and garlic-miso mayo. Did they have a slight kick? Oh yeah, but good lord did I dive in for more.

And because that wasn’t enough heart stopping goodness, I added their B-ATL to the mix. Keep in mind, I don’t usually order BLTs just because I don’t like tomato, but I’m addicted to this one. Plus…I felt like I needed at least SOME healthy foods on my plate. Who cares if it was covered with bacon and smothered in cheese? Order it with the Mac N’ Cheese to share with a friend or loved one, or be completely stingy and don’t share. Either one is an okay option in my book.

And of course, New Realm is a brewery with some fantastic beer options. I played it a little lighter on Sunday as we had cider earlier in the day and tried out their hard seltzers. Not usually a fan of seltzer but damn the black cherry hard seltzer was really good. I can’t wait to go back during the summer cause they’d be perfect summer drinks. Not sure if you’ll like it? Order a taster pour! Their taster glasses are adorable.

If none of that convinces you to go to New Realm (you’re probably not human) then go for the atmosphere and views. Sitting on the Beltline, you’ll get to catch some of the prettiest sunset views of the ENTIRE Atlanta skyline. Plus the downstairs patios allow pups. So either bring your own or enjoy the fact that there are dozens of dogs at any given time on the patios.

Think you have a better Mac spot? Let me know in the comments and I’ll humor you. Maybe. I may just end up at New Realm again. As usual, travel well and travel often!

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