Life of Dyes

What Do You Mean No Bread?

“People who are gluten free get a lot of hate, but I really respect them for going against the grain.”


I know what you’re thinking, “Courtney, why the hell would YOU be gluten free??” Trust me, folks, it’s not by choice. At the beginning of the month I ended up extremely sick for over a week and a half. I couldn’t keep food down and everything I ate seemed to make me feel worse. At first we thought it was something mixing with my antidepressant. I cut out the medication we thought was causing the issue, and while there was some change…I still felt like I was dying.

My energy was gone, I had an endless brain fog (seriously, I couldn’t remember what happened a day before), and the cramping was awful. So after consulting our lord and savior, Google, as well as some friends who are gluten free, I decided to stop inhaling bread by the loaf to see what would happen. Y’all when I say it was a HUGE difference, I mean it. I didn’t feel like I was on the brink of death anymore after just two days of avoiding gluten like it was a plague. Anyone else hate 2020 as much as I do?

My research began not long after that, then after discussing it with my mother (who is also gluten free for health reasons) I went ahead and made the permanent cut. Can we have a brief discussion about HOW STUPIDLY EXPENSIVE GLUTEN FREE BREAD IS? Why?? Y’all out here price gouging the bread for us who literally cannot have regular bread. It’s uncalled for.

So I sucked it up, had my last gluten filled quesadilla at Nacho Daddy, which I painfully regretted later.

Okay, let’s be honest. I’ll never regret Mexican food. Ever. However it did make for a miserable evening later on. On the bright side, tequila is gluten free. Margaritas for everyone!

I have since taken to Pinterest for GF recipes. I got the important ones, like cookies, saved. On Monday I made my first GF pasta. It wasn’t bad, thankfully. If y’all thought I’d be living without pasta, you barely know me. I did a different pasta bake for everyone else because why make them eat GF foods if they don’t need to? However, I did load up the cheese on mine. As mentioned before in previous blogs, lactose and I are not friends. That said, back off my cheese. It’s mine. I will not give it up….unless someone can find me a good vegan alternative.

If you happen to be GF or dairy free, what do you use as substitutes? I’d love some options! Leave your recommendations in the comments. As usual for 2020, just…attempt to survive this year. I cannot wait for 2021 to clock in.

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